About the Directors

"The special bond between people and their horses is often referred to as love; horses know it as leadership, safety and trust."

John and Cheryl Webb

John and Cheryl Webb enjoy a ride. John and Cheryl Webb are the Founders and Executive Directors of Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. John and Cheryl's awareness of the needs of horses grew from their years of work with horse rescues in the Denver area, and a life-long love and respect for the intrinsic value of animal life. John's extensive background in business led to a solid organizational structure based upon values, practices, and priorities. Blue Rose Ranch began operation in June of 2007, and our original business plan projections have been exceeded in virtually every area. This success, combined with a rapidly deteriorating national problem of unwanted horses, has caused John and Cheryl's vision of providing forever homes for unwanted horses to grow a national scope. The Webbs enjoy a debt-free lifestyle as a result of a lifetime commitment of not borrowing money except for specific, short-term, well reasoned occasions where the borrowing of money is positively secured with collateral.

All contributions are utilized for the rescue of horses and the operation of Blue Rose Ranch facilities. The Webbs receive no income from Blue Rose Ranch, Inc., or ranch operations.

John and Chief

John has successfully operated businesses and non-profit organizations for many years. He is a private pilot and the state's southeastern area representative for the Colorado Pilots Association.

Cheryl, after a long career in education, is now devoting her efforts to the rescue of horses. She grew up with horses and was the lead rider of the Westernaire Varsity Red Team. John and Cheryl nurtured into fruition the concept of Natural Horse Ranching which has yielded great benefits at Blue Rose Ranch.

Cheryl and Cinnamon

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